How We Can Help

Business owners often have not had the time to focus on their exit strategy or their vision for their future outside the business. Our personal experiences in making these decisions and our expertise in leading companies and their owners and leaders through growth and transitions can help you traverse this path. Our comprehensive experience in diverse industries and unique analytical process provide a solid basis for navigating complex business transitions.

Our Transitions Advisory Services focus on:

Maximizing value. We aim for a strategic value sale versus a strictly financial transaction.

Staging for a strategic sale. Preparing the business for an optimal transition often includes strengthening the balance sheet, the team, and the competitive position. In some cases, an acquisition may be considered to round out your offering and heighten the value.

Key long-term employees. A successful transition often includes taking care of key employees and securing their cooperation through a sale. You may even consider a sale to employees.

Family. Will any family members have a future role in the business? Are they prepared for the transition? Will they have a role in the sale as current owners? Our guidance, sensitivity, and experience can help all participants navigate this vital aspect of your choices.

Personal. As you move into the next chapter, your legacy is important to you. How do you want your efforts and your leadership to be remembered? How will you realize fulfillment and enjoy this next phase of your life? What is important to you personally (protecting what you have built; what you will do next?).

Estate planning dimensions. Funding your future plans; minimizing the tax take, security and other personal financial dimensions weigh on the strategy for exit and valuation for a strategic sale. We respect and work with your trusted advisors to help determine these requirements.