Our Team

When OT becomes your strategic partner, you will be supported by a team with distinctive perspectives and experience. We invite you to learn more about our individual team members — our knowledge and skills and our strategy for helping you write your next chapter.


As part of the Owner Transitions team, Steve’s specialty is in incisive analysis that allows him to see untapped opportunities and develop creative competitive strategies. He has an impressive track record of turning these insights into a strategic sale... READ MORESTEVE YAHR


Donna has founded, built and sold multiple businesses over thirty years, dealing with venture capital and all other aspects of preparing and selling those businesses. After selling her technology company to a multi-billion dollar UK information conglomerate, she continued for 11 years to run it as CEO and to play a part as a senior executive of the global acquirer. In this role, she was engaged in due diligence and strategic acquisitions... READ MOREDONNA LYNN


Richard understands entrepreneurs. As a business mediator, Richard facilitated the formation of dozens of strategic business alliances, guided the essential restructuring of partnerships and roles within family businesses. He guided the integration of a newly acquired and entrepreneurial company for a multi-billion Euro international corporation... READ MORERICHARD YOCUM


Debra Bergeris has over three decades of experience in corporate sales and business development, helping clients with their critical business initiatives to drive revenue and increase company profitability. She has formulated and implemented strategic plans for identifying and executing on major growth opportunities and attributes her success to focusing on the client’s uniqueness to position them for rapid growth... READ MOREDEBRA BERGERIS


Joe Lynn has a history of innovation and leadership in pioneering electronics industries. Starting his career at Kennedy Space Center, he managed the Real-Time Space Operations for RCA. He then joined a small business start-up, a contractor for NASA and DoD, where he applied his technical talents to space geodesy, orbital dynamics, photogrammetry, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) —the precursor to today’s abundance of commercial navigation systems... READ MOREJOE LYNN