Donna Lynn

Donna has founded, built and sold multiple businesses over thirty years, dealing with venture capital and all other aspects of preparing and selling those businesses. After selling her technology company to a multi-billion dollar UK information conglomerate, she continued for 11 years to run it as CEO and to play a part as a senior executive of the global acquirer. In this role, she was engaged in due diligence and strategic acquisitions. As president and co-founder, she led the early-stage capital-raising for an eCommerce firm and helped facilitate a merger for the company. She was called upon to lead and build the U.S. operations of a global media and distribution corporation, later acquired by another multi-billion-dollar international conglomerate.

Donna has been an investor in and advisor to early and mid-stage companies. She brings her own entrepreneurship, insight, and business experience to help others succeed and to capitalize on their efforts when the time is right. She knows the personal side of making the decision to bring a business to exit and move on to the next adventure.

Donna’s leadership has given her relationships worldwide. If there is a current or potential global dimension to a client’s business, she brings the experience and connections to develop that potential.

Finally, she ensures that the business is using information technology and internal processes to fully maximize its value. If there are external market opportunities, she finds and develops them.

Donna and her husband, Joe, recently relocated to Florida after decades in the D.C. metropolitan area. She and Joe enjoy global travel and cuisine, especially with friends and family. Among her interests are reading, theater and ballet, and classical and jazz music. She appreciates fine art and has acquired an eclectic collection over the years. She is a PADI-certified scuba diver.

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