Steve Yahr

As part of the Owner Transitions team, Steve’s specialty is in incisive analysis that allows him to see untapped opportunities and develop creative competitive strategies. He has an impressive track record of turning these insights into a strategic sale — actively assisting clients to make changes that will enhance the company’s value to a larger buyer, often finding that buyer and negotiating the sale — at multiples of several times the yield of a straight financial sale.

Steve employed strategies to increase company value that included refocusing the client’s product and services on higher-value market niches, making acquisitions that increased market share, offering new or disruptive technology, implementing a new marketing model, developing deep-pocketed strategic partnerships, and developing international markets and partners.

Applying his wide experience with dozens of industries, including power generation, electronic court documents, apartment development, and radon detection, Steve gives an owner something very important but often unfamiliar — an objective, buyer’s-eye-view of the business. He illuminates both opportunities and obstacles to long-term success.

Select clients enjoying a strategic sale include:

  • negotiating the sale of a U.S. concrete company to a U.K. conglomerate, realizing three (3) times the value of a straight-forward financial sale. Steve’s analysis showed the value of their off-hours delivery to deadline-critical construction projects. The high margins caught the attention of the strategic buyer.

  • negotiating the sale of a U.S. communications/information firm to a global corporation for five (5) times revenue — multiples of the industry market rate. Steve’s positioning the value of exclusive access to dozens of Fortune 500 CEOs and the leading legal firms — the U.S. company’s clients — led to this extraordinary valuation.
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